Steps to Play Game Bubble Shooter!

Bubble Shooter is an online match 3 puzzle game in which you have to shoot and group bubbles. You shoot bright colored bubbles across the bubble walls that are floating above you. All you need to do to win the game is destroy them all. You have to make sure that 3 or more bubbles of the same color are connected to get rid of them. Sure, the classic Bubble Shooter is just a simple free matching game at first glance. But it’s also an amused online game with very addictive gameplay.

This article will tell you How to play the Bubbleshooter free game? Move your bubble cannon left and right until you are sure you have aligned your target with the bubble you want to burst. Shoot your bubbles and watch them explode. Bubbleshooter free game which you can easily play in full-screen. Line up your shot as best you can, and hope it bounces off the wall at just the right angle. With a little practice and a little luck you’ll be clearing the screen in no time.

Free online bubble shooter games are popular for a very simple reason. They are easy to play and provide a sense of progress as you clear the screen. While many clone shooters have sprung up since this classic was released, it’s still fun to play the original game. It’s free to play, no registration required. Pop the bubbles in your browser now. Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them disappear and score points. The more bubbles you shoot at once, the more points you get.

Get a new high score for yourself, keep the bubbles bouncing off the balls and play to your heart’s content in this exciting mix of arcade and puzzle modes. Get your beak wet in this shootout and make the ball pop. You can score bonus points if you make a large group of bubbles appear. Try to aim for the higher bubble with the other bubble connected below, it will disappear if you pop the top bubble.

You aim with your mouse by moving it left or right. If you click, you will shoot bubbles in the direction you are aiming at. Thus the article about tips about the Bubble Shooter Game, hopefully this is useful.