How to Identify Unengaged Subscribers?  

Identifying your inactive or unengaged subscribers is a crucial part of your email list health.

Inactive subscribers are opted in prospects who have not engaged with your emails in quite some time.

It is crucial to identify and segment your unengaged subscribers as they have a massive impact on your email deliverability and the overall conversion rate.

By identifying the inactive segment, you can then send a re-engagement message & see if you could win back their interest.

And if those inactive subscribers still don’t show any response to your re-engagement campaigns, then it is wise that you remove them from your prospect list.

This will assure you that you are reaching out to people who are interested in your business or brand or what you have to offer.

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People, Clothes and Globalization

Not all people have the same view on fashion. Some simply don’t care. They’re not focused on what they wear and what they look like in other peoples eyes. Others pay an enormous amount of time and energy on their looks. Of course, women are always more interested in clothes, apparel and fashion than men. However, with times changing more and more men are becoming as much interested as women if not even more!

In the past different geographical location, different culture and even different climate have had a lot to do with what people were dressing themselves.Hijab Today with globalization on every corner people more and more wear similar and even completely identical outfit. This is not only the case with clothing but also with shoes, jewelry, hair style, make up and other fashion items. Is this phenomena good or bad? With all the peoples and nations wearing the same things all around the globe, life and fashion could become somewhat dull. Young people today are completely ignoring their own style and are in fact expressing their appreciation for the styles and fashion imposed by TV shows and Hollywood movies. If you’re not wearing what they say it’s