5 Most Popular Solitaire Games That Can Help Improve Your Mood

5 Most Popular Solitaire Games That Can Help Improve Your Mood

Someone’s misunderstanding of the benefits of the game turned out to be misleading. In fact, according to a study, playing games has many benefits for mental health.

When playing games, it is known that the parasympathetic nervous system will work to reduce the pressure that causes stress. So playing games is considered an effective way to deal with depression.

Luckily, the online game site Justgames.com has a collection of the best solitaire games to play online.

Here are the most popular solitaire games that can help improve your mood.


Also known as classic solitaire, Klondike Solitaire is a card game that you can play alone.

The first time I tried it, I thought it was a card game. But my guess is wrong. This game is so challenging and successful that it made me curious.

Although played alone, this game is very disciplined in counting time. The faster the game is completed, the better the score will be. It’s different if you take part in a match, then the winner is determined by who is the fastest.

Solitaire Tripeaks

Farm and Family is a fun puzzle game where you have to clear the board by playing cards to get certain combinations of numbers. In this game, your ultimate goal is to build a thriving farm by solving Solitaire-style puzzles in every part of the city.

If you’ve never played this type of Solitaire before, you can complete the tutorial first to master the ins and outs. On the other hand, if you’re an expert, skip the tutorial and start playing right away. To complete each level, you must clear the board and remove all the cards from the table. To remove a card, place it on whichever card in yours contains one number greater or less.

You win the game if you clear all the cards and get gold depending on the number of cards in the deck that has not been played. The fewer cards you play, the more rewards you get, so try to beat all the levels in as few moves as possible for top tips.

Gold obtained can be used to restore abandoned farms that have been purchased. Buy upgrades and help your character progress through a story filled with memories and unique feelings who want to support your endeavors. Solve these Solitaire-style puzzles and complete the incredible tale of Solitaire Tripeaks: Farm and Family.


Another free Solitaire game I’ve tried is Freecell. The best rummy game that can be an alternative when you’re bored or in a bad mood.

This game has four foundations on the right and four free cells on the left, where each card movement will get a value of 1 point.

Interestingly, beginners playing for the first time will get 500 points to clean the table. In addition, if you don’t agree or want to change the agreement in the middle of the game, press the “new deal” button and continue playing with fun.


Spider is a royal flush playing card game with three-tiered game levels ranging from easy, medium to hard.

How to play is also relatively easy. Spider Solitaire will automatically show the deal after counting the pairs of cards. After that, five cards will be dealt from the pile. 4 cards are placed in a column with the top card in the open position.

Oh yes. Since you can play solitaire games offline and online for free, there will be ten columns in the table with the following details:

  • 54 cards dealt
  • 50 cards occupy the spare slot
  • Four columns with six cards each
  • Six columns with five cards each


Pyramid Solitaire Online is another best solitaire game to try when you are late and need to clear your head.

As the title implies, it will arrange the cards in a pyramid shape. Starting from the top of the pyramid, which contains 1 card, the next row contains two cards, until the last row includes seven playing cards.

Well, how to play is very easy. Aside from being an entertainment medium, playing the best rummy games on Solitaire.org can sharpen your brain.

Later, the pyramid will contain 28 cards that have been neatly arranged. Then, the other 24 cards will be on the bench or, if you play 41, as “drink.”

Because this game aims to remove all cards from the pyramid, the player must issue cards in pairs of 13.

For example, cards with numbers 10 and 3. Or cards with numbers 8 and 5.

So don’t be afraid to lose, okay? Just play as much as you want until the mind relaxes, and the mood can return to a stable condition.