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[v·e] Armageddon Witness R armag.gif
A rare distinction only awarded to thos citizens who experienced the Armageddon!
Category Distinctions
Sub Category Rare Distinctions

During The end of March and start of April of the year 2012, something dreadful happened. No, not the apocalypse, that was November 2010. This was the Armageddon, no, not April fools! An actual Armageddon which wiped out just about every town, no joke.

Favicon.gifFavicon.gifDie2Nite Die2Nite encountered a glitch while Motion Twin, the studio in charge of the game, was updating the website. This caused the usual Small fight.gifSmall fight.gifThe Attack Attack to last for 23 hours instead of 10~20 minutes: the Armageddon. The result was drastic: no more than a handful of players were able to log in during the hour before the next attack started, resulting in many campers dying because they could not enter Small camp.gifSmall camp.gifCamping Camping mode, players who ration their water dying of Status dehyd.gifStatus dehyd.gifDehydrated Dehydration, and many more players dying simply because they could not build up enough defense against the horde, even though all towns were provided with 500 extra defense for the night. Furthermore, many other glitches sprang up the next day against the survivors: only logging in via Google Chrome worked, gates cannot be closed, many players cannot log in. Almost all of what little population that survived the Armageddon was sent to limbo the next day.

However, through witnessing this dreadful event, all players who were active (logged in) during this weekend are awarded with this Distinction.




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